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Hello! Did you know the word "hello" was not invented until people needed a greeting to use when they picked up the phone? That's one of many fun facts we're happy to share with you about phones and phone service. In fact, let's focus on phone service for another hot second. Phones get a lot of attention, but it's phone service that actually enables them to do all the things they do for us. We can search the internet, get directions, and chat with a friend, all thanks to phone service. Keep reading, and we promise you will learn more fun facts about phones and phone service. Remember, it all started with a "hello."

Should You Make The Switch To Managed IT Services For Cloud Support?


Are you considering switching to cloud support but don't know where to start? Small businesses are increasingly realizing the limitations of relying on in-house IT solutions to manage their data and applications. Cloud infrastructure has been around for some time in different forms, with cloud storage and Software as a Service (SaaS) setups being the most popular. While cloud services offer huge advantages, they can only be realized if the setup is done right. Here are several reasons you should consider engaging managed IT services for your cloud infrastructure.

1. Increased Flexibility

With managed cloud services, businesses can quickly scale up or down according to their needs. This is because they only pay for the resources they use, and don't have to make any upfront investment in hardware or software. Additionally, managed services are often offered on a pay-as-you-go basis, which gives businesses even more flexibility.

2. Improved Security

One of the biggest concerns small businesses have about cloud infrastructure is security. But with the help of managed services, companies can rest easy knowing that their information is safe and secure. Protecting your data from viruses and hackers becomes the responsibility of managed service providers.

3.  Enhanced Productivity

Managed cloud services also have the potential to improve productivity for enterprises. You can free up resources that would have gone to hours spent on managing and maintaining a complicated infrastructure. For firms that require support outside of usual business hours, a managed IT service provider may be useful.

4. Cost-cutting measures

Businesses may save money in the long term by using managed cloud services. Managed services may help small companies save money by removing the need for costly gear and software and decreasing the demand for in-house IT professionals.

Cloud infrastructure offers cost benefits in the view that you don't have expensive hardware purchases and upgrades. Outsourcing adds to these benefits because you can switch technology as frequently as you want without incurring high expenses.

5. Peace of Mind

When you know that your IT infrastructure is in the hands of specialists, you feel more secure. As a result, you'll be able to concentrate on operating your company while leaving the hard chore of maintaining your IT infrastructure to the experts.

Managed cloud services may be an excellent choice for small company owners. Your firm may benefit from flexibility, greater security, higher productivity, and lower expenses of managed services. Set up a more efficient, safe, and cost-effective IT infrastructure now by contacting a respected managed IT services company.

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17 June 2022