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Hello! Did you know the word "hello" was not invented until people needed a greeting to use when they picked up the phone? That's one of many fun facts we're happy to share with you about phones and phone service. In fact, let's focus on phone service for another hot second. Phones get a lot of attention, but it's phone service that actually enables them to do all the things they do for us. We can search the internet, get directions, and chat with a friend, all thanks to phone service. Keep reading, and we promise you will learn more fun facts about phones and phone service. Remember, it all started with a "hello."

No-Contract Cell Phone Plans Are Definitely A Good Choice


As more people give up their landline telephones and turn to mobile phones many are finding their best option is a no-contract cell phone plan. It used to be that these plans were inferior to the plans that come with a contract, but that is not true any longer. In fact, you may find that going with a prepaid plan is beneficial for you and your family. Here are just a few of the reasons to choose to go without a contract for your cell phone plan.

No Credit Check

A cell phone contract requires a credit check from the carrier to ensure that you are able to pay your bills on time. Many people are not in a credit position to pass such a check. Since a no-contract plan has you paying for your service in advance, there is no worry about a bill not being paid. If you do not pay it, your service is immediately shut off. It is simple enough to have service returned by paying for the next month. You never have to worry about paying a large bill because the company allowed you to accrue one before shutting you off.

Pay for What You Need

If you only want a mobile phone to make phone calls, you should not have to pay for data and messaging. Contract plans include fees for both of these services. This can add quite a bit to your monthly bill. When you have a no-contract plan, you can pick and choose what services you want. In addition, if you decide you do need to have data access or use text messaging, you can always purchase it as an add-on to your service. Buy only as much as you need for the month. 

Change Carriers

If you have a contract for your cell phone plan, you will need to continue using their service for as long as the contract specifies. If you move or go on vacation, and you have trouble with dropped calls or the data rate is very slow, you are stuck with it until the contract expires. However, if you don't have a contract, you can search the new area to find which carrier has the best service. If you are on vacation, you can swap to that carrier for the duration of your trip and then go back to the old carrier when you return home.

If you have decided it is time to get a cell phone, or are wondering which carrier to use, try a no-contract cell phone plan. You can get all the same services as you would with a contract plan without all the hassles.

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4 April 2022